Albania is the most dangerous European country to live in

Albania is the most dangerous European country to live in

Tirana, 27 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

An international report has ranked Albania as the most dangerous European country to live in.

According to the report published by World Risk Report, Albania has the lowest security not only in the Balkan region, but in the whole of Europe.

The report suggests that Albania is one of the most exposed countries to natural catastrophes.

The organization that collaborates with the United Nations University and the Institute for Security and Environment,  ranks Albania in its latest report on security in the world, 37th.

This way, Albania loses two points from the 2011 security index. Albania has a 10,3 index, the highest in Europe. The level of danger is also measured by the ability of a country to cope with natural catastrophes that may hit it.

Albania has often been subject to natural catastrophes, such as floods caused by rains and rivers that are swollen.

Many other countries, mainly African, which are known to be poor countries and extreme conditions of economic and social development, are performing better than Albania, as you can see on the table here.

The most dangerous country as far as natural catastrophes are concerned is Vanuatu, followed by Tongo, Philippines and Guatemala.

The safest countries in the world are Qatar and Malta. /