Albania under criticism for returning in the black list for the transit of drugs

Albania under criticism for returning in the black list for the transit of drugs

Tirana, February 17, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Italy has raised the alarm about the drug coming from Albania, which has invaded its southern coast. “The amount of drug that comes from Albania to Italy is alarming”, says Maurizio Mascara, head of the Sea and Air Operations at the Italian “Guardia di Finanzia” in Bari.

He says that Puglia is the new gate for the traffic of marijuana and assesses that most of the drug comes from Albania. “It’s impossible to count the amount that comes in a month”, says Muscara.

The senior official of the Italian police says that the drug from Albania arrives to Italy through different means of transport, through motorboats and through ships, mainly fishing ships.

The head of Sea and Water Operations of “Guardia di Financia” in Bari says that the drug coming from Albania is destined for the entire Italian market, but especially northern Italy.

Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany are only some of the regions where this kind of drug has been found in large numbers.

Muscara demanded an international inquiry as far as drug trafficking in this area is concerned and says that it’s very difficult to cope with this situation.

As far as the concern of the Italian police is related, the Democratic Party of Albania has been the first one to raise the alarm for the reactivation of the drug networks in the country.

Former Minister of Justice, Aldo Bumci MP, says that the reasons for this reactivation of the drug traffic relate to the problems concerning the State Police.

“Professionals have been laid off and militants have been recruited at the State Police. People who have ties with crime and drug trafficking have been appointed in key positions”, says Mr. Bumci.

According to him, “the consequences of this “rebirth” of the State Police have not delayed. This is what happens in Italy. It’s not only us who say it, but it’s the Italian police that raises the alarm. Police of the neighboring country says that the drug coming from Albania has swarmed the Italian coasts”.

Democrat MP says that “this is the concern voiced by neighboring Italy, which was the biggest advocate for the liberalization of visas for Albania”.

For the opposition, this is bad news for Albania and takes the country back to the black list of the transit of drugs.

“Many years of hard work were needed during the government of the Democratic Party to take Albania off the black list. Edi Rama’s government only needed a few months to take Albania back to its darkest days of drug transit, something which seriously damages the image of our country”, says Mr. Bumci.

The Democratic Party demands urgent measures to be taken in order for this traffic to be stopped and in order for Albania not to make steps backwards and not to be considered by neighbors and Europe as a danger for their law and order.

The majority has not reacted on this issue, but its reports state that there’s a growing number of cases of drug traffic discovered from Albania to neighboring countries. /ibna/