Albania at the focus of Turkish investors

Albania at the focus of Turkish investors

Turkish investors are more and more aiming to do business in Albania. Such fact is indicated by the recent interest that they have expressed through a visit held in Tirana as part of the forum dubbed “Business opportunities in Albania”.

The scope of this event was to identify ways of investing in strategic sectors and present in it were entrepreneurs from both of our countries.

On his part, Turkish entrepreneur Bilal Kara said that Turkish industrialists are looking into all the potentials to invest in Albania.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arben Shkodra said that the scope of today’s meeting was to intensify relations between the industries of both countries.

“There’s a growing interest. Turkey is a strategic partner in trade relations. Turkish investors see cooperation in the domain of energy or agriculture as very interesting”, he says.

He also says that Albania is not only a country of 3 million people, as it stretches in the northwestern part of FYROM, Kosovo and a part of Montenegro.

“A big Albanian speaking market is created for Turkey”, he adds.

According to official data, trade volume between Albania and Turkey from January to June 2017 is estimated to be 25.451 million ALL, while its growth was 3.092 million lek compared to the same period last year. /