Albania announces 24-hour shutdown at Kakavia customs office

Albania announces 24-hour shutdown at Kakavia customs office

Customs officers in Greece will go on a 24-hour strike on November 24 and 25, interrupting work at the Kakavia border crossing.

The Local Directorate of Borders and Immigration of Argyrokastro announced on Monday that, during this period, the passage of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars and trucks transporting citizens, and trucks transporting goods, will not be allowed neither at the entrance nor at the exit of the Greek customs.

“The authorities of the Greek Police, based on an official communication sent out to the Border Police of Kakavia, clarify that, due to the strike that will be carried out by the Greek customs officials, there will be an interruption of work starting the next day on November 24 until November 25, from 07:00 to 07:00 local time”, the announcement underlines.

“We clarify that, during this time frame, both at the entrance and exit of the Greek customs, the passage of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, trucks transporting citizens and trucks transporting goods will not be allowed”, the announcement continues.

Exceptions will be made only for pedestrians, trucks carrying food stored in refrigerators, trucks carrying live animals and vehicles for emergencies or deaths. The Border Police of Kakavia calls on all citizens who wish to travel to Greece, during this time frame, to avoid traveling in the direction of this crossing point”, the police emphasize in its announcement.

As P. Lykidis, president of the Union of Customs Officers of Epirus, explains, the decision of the customs to go on a 24-hour warning strike derived from the heavy workload at the Customs of Kakavia, following the closure of the border point of Krystallopigi, but also from the bill under consultation regarding the new payroll. /ibna