Albania affected by flu epidemic

Albania affected by flu epidemic

Tirana, February 2, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albania is experiencing a high intensity of respiratory infections, like the rest of the European region. This is confirmed by the General Director of the Institute of Public Health, Arjan Bregu. He said that currently, Albania is in the period of the flu epidemic.

Sources from the Tirana Hospital Center say that cases of affected patients have grown significantly, around 30% more than the same period last year.

Unofficially, Albania is said to register 16 thousand to 20 thousand people affected by flu who seek medical help in clinics or state hospitals.

Doctors predict the number to be much higher up to the second week of February.

Viruses that circulate this year are AH1N1pdm09 and AH3N2 which are included in the flu vaccine.

The most efficient way of preventing the virus of the seasonal flu is vaccination against it.

Vaccination protects the person and helps in preventing the flu not to spread.

“It’s important to have vaccination every year, because flu is unpredictable and in constant change. Also, the immunity provided by the vaccination falls with the passing of time”, says Mr. Bregu.

Through the European Center for the Control and Prevention of Illnesses, World Health Organization recommends an annual vaccination against flu, as an efficient tool to defend against flu. /ibna/