Albania 97th in the world tourism ranking

Albania 97th in the world tourism ranking

Tirana, December 18, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

The report has been published by “Bloom Consulting”, a specialized institution that monitors the tourist strategies of the different countries of the world.

According to the “Bloom Consulting” report, compared to a year ago, Albania has gone down four places.

The report says that Albania’s tourist potentials are closely linked with the main elements of its brand, such as beaches, local gastronomy and businesses.

This is based on online searches that have been made about tourism in Albania from June 2013 until July 2014.

The report suggests that Albania’s brand strategy has resulted to be unsuccessful and performance in social media remains low.

In Southeast Europe, Albania has remained on the tenth place, followed by Serbia and Montenegro.

The report says that Albania generates significant amounts from tourism.

According to “Bloom Consulting”, there’s an increase of revenues from tourism, which is slightly higher than the regional average in Southeast Europe. /ibna/