AKR is moving toward a solution of the political crisis

AKR is moving toward a solution of the political crisis

The political crisis which started on 3 August with the constitutive session of the Parliament of Kosovo which is yet to be completed, may come to an end.

Officials of New Kosovo Alliance (AKR), a political party in a coalition with Democratic League of Kosovo and Alternative, warn that they will help for the solution of the political crisis, by collaborating with the PAN coalition.

AKR’s assembly has authorized the leader of this party, Behgjet Pacolli and the MPs who have been elected, to look into possibilities of solving the crisis outside the coalition with LDK and Alternative.

Fatmir Matoshi, AKR’s senior official, says that in case parliamentary parties continue to encounter problems in unblocking the situation, then alternatives will be sought outside the coalition, which means a coalition with the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and Incentive for Kosovo, known as the PAN coalition.

“I think that all options are open. We’re in front of a challenge now. We will either set up the institutions or we will head to fresh elections, which are not welcomed by the international community or the citizens of Kosovo for that matter”, Matoshi says.

With the three AKR’s MPs, PAN coalition may elect the speaker of Parliament and the government. However, analysts say that the new government will not be a stable government, able to take important decisions. /balkaneu.com/