AKR may form a coalition with PDK

AKR may form a coalition with PDK

Pristina, June 18, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci is looking to form the next government of Kosovo.

Ruled out from possibility of entering an agreement with opposition parties in Kosovo, his hopes are on the leader of AKR, Behgjet Pacolli.

AKR believes that with the recounting of the votes, it will cross the threshold, so there’s hope that Democratic Party of Kosovo, AKR and minorities may form a government together.

Joined around this objective, Thaci and Pacolli had a meeting today in one of the cafes of Pristina. Present in the meeting was also the mayor of Djakovica, Mimoza Kusari-Lila.

After the meeting, Thaci didn’t make any other comments apart from “it was just a friendly meeting”.

Meanwhile, leader of AKR, Behgjet Pacolli said that he was optimistic that after the recounting of votes, AKR will cross the electoral threshold and enter in parliament.

“We’re optimistic that following the recounting of conditional votes and those of disabled people, we will cross the threshold. There’s nothing to talk about. So far, we have identified votes that belong to us. In every box that has been recounted, we have found votes which go in our favor. This is proof that we must demand the recounting of all ballot boxes”, said Pacolli.

Meanwhile, as far as the coalition is concerned, he said that there can be no partnership with Isa Mustafa and LDK.

“There will not be collaboration with LDK and Isa Mustafa”, said Pacolli, implying that a coalition with PDK may be possible this time. /ibna/