Akinci: The derailed train that was the Cyprus issue is now back on track

Akinci: The derailed train that was the Cyprus issue is now back on track

Turkish-Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, following the tripartite meeting held in Berlin between the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot leaders in the presence of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, spoke to the reporters noting that after today’s meeting the derailed train that was the Cyprus issue is now back on track; all that is left now is to get moving and reach the station of the solution.

Mustafa Akinci, assessing the UN Secretary-General’s statement, noted that there are no open procedures; those were in the past. “We are talking about a meaningful, result-oriented negotiation process”.

According to Akinci, during the meeting all issues were discussed and were fully evaluated. “In my opinion, this meeting comprises a positive step that is being taken today”, he added.

Describing the latest developments around the Cyprus issue, Mustafa Akinci described it as a derailed train. “I think we have put the derailed train back on the right track. It’s not enough to put it on the rails; even more so, we have to work together to get it moving so that it reaches the station of the solution”.

“The SG was unwilling to participate directly in the process after what went down at Crans-Montana”, the Turkish-Cypriot leader said. “About a year ago, he commissioned Jane Holl Lute to work on concluding the terms of reference. After that, he considered it necessary to engage himself directly and one of the reasons is the current situation in the Eastern Mediterranean”, Mustafa Akinci stressed.

He went on to emphasize that there is tension in the region because of gas, and that the SG also considers it highly important to resolve the Cyprus issue in order to address this tension. In this context, he considered it necessary to effectively deal with the Cyprus issue again, Akinci argued.

The leaders, according to Akinci, are pleased with Guterres’ participation and are determined to continue the process of preparing the five-part conference as formulated with 5+UN, in consultation with the guarantor forces, to conclude the terms of reference.

In his statements, Akinci pointed out that everyone should now take on their own role. “We must undertake a very timely process in the context of the efforts by the UN Secretary-General in cooperation with the parties involved and the guarantor forces. In this process, I believe that communities, political parties and civil society in Cyprus must become active. Women and youth organizations should take care of their problems. On the island of Cyprus, it is possible for both communities to embark on a new era in which they can live peacefully and safely as free societies. The solution to be found is a federal solution. The real owners and those who will actualize it are the two peoples, the two communities. The more they adopt it, the more viable this solution will turn out to be”, the Turkish Cypriot leader commented.

Asked whether they had come up with a date for the five-member party, Mustafa Akinci responded that there was no talk of a date, as t the UK elections in December and the Brexit situation came first, while elections will also be held in “TRNC” in approximately 4-5 months. Furthermore, as Akinci stressed, Greece has had a new government for a few months now, whereas Turkey has its own positions.

Concluding, Mustafa Akinci added that the Secretary-General would continue the conversation and that the date would be set through the preparations. /ibna