Akinci insists on a Federation, “yes but” from the Cypriot parties

Akinci insists on a Federation, “yes but” from the Cypriot parties

The Democratic Rally asks from Akinci to make his position known both for the issue of guarantees and security

By Michalis Michael

The only realistic solution that can be accepted by all sides is the federal solution, says the Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinci, in his message for Ramadan Bayram that begins today, saying that he himself demonstrated with great zeal every effort by taking the necessary initiatives for a federal solution.

As transmitted from the occupied areas, Mr Akinci said that “it is very important that you do not deviate from the road that you believe is the right one and that is what he tried to do on the Cyprus issue, with the significant (in votes) support he received from the world when he was elected and the trust that this people places in him.”

“As I promised you and in the context of my own approval, I tried with all my might to bring peace and prosperity to our island, and to not re-live the pain of the past,” he said.

Despite this effort, he said, the Crans Montana Conference ended with no result, claiming that the stance of Greek Cypriot leadership played a key role in this negative development. “From then until now, almost two years, we have witnessed a turbulent behaviour from the Greek Cypriot side. Sometimes they speak behind closed doors of a two-state solution, according to our information, then we found out that they say ‘we did not say that, maybe a confederation’. Then they confused things even more, talking on the one hand about a ‘loose federation’ and on the other about a ‘decentralized’ one. And as if all this wasn’t enough, they showed a disguised stance of denying and questioning our political equality as a basic parameter.”

It is normal against this attitude for it to be considered that the Greek Cypriots no longer want the creation of a common structure and for there to be pessimism, added Mr. Akinci, saying that those who – as a result of this belief – reject the UN parameters, hide behind targets that can not be achieved and while they talk about a negotiated solution, on the other hand believe that a formula of two separate, independent states can be negotiated, “at the least they are mocking the people.”

“Yes but” from the parties

The Democratic Rally responded first to the Turkish Cypriot leader. As stated in a relevant announcement, today’s statements of Mustafa Akinci, in which he clearly rejects the two-state solution, are satisfactory. It is important to keep the process of resolving the Cyprus problem on the basis of the bi-zonal bi-communal federation, as provided for in the UN resolutions, as well as in the framework of General Secretary Antonio Guterres.

“We take note of this positive position of the Turkish Cypriot leader, in favour of a solution in the context of the UN resolutions and decisions. At the same time, however, it is important to understand our concerns about the security, the guarantees and the withdrawal of the occupation troops. At the same time, the Democratic Rally insists that Turkey’s unlawful activity in the EEZ must end immediately, in order for dialogue to resume between the two sides, with aim an agreement on the basis of the UN parameters,” the Democratic Rally states.

Cyprus issue and the EEZ

The Turkish drilling rig “Fatih”, off Paphos, is a fact that has complicated the process of the Cyprus problem. It is indicative, apart from the European elections that have transferred the internal agenda of Cyprus also on other issues, that Turkey has not yet gone ahead with the drilling. At the same time, however, no one can anticipate their next move since all scenarios are open.

At the same time, the stagnation in the Cyprus issue shows anything but good news, since the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy, Jane Holl Lute, has not shown signs of returning to the island. It is certain that under the circumstances and as long as the American diplomat does not seem ready to return to Cyprus, the process for the terms of reference is also brought to a standstill, the context, in other words, in which the two sides would agree to resume the dialogue on the Cyprus issue. Even so, however, an official end should be given to this process, something that doesn’t seem for now to be nowhere near the horizon. Especially with the Turkish drilling rig near Paphos and the provocations in the area of Deneia the previous days, the period seems grim for the Cyprus problem./ibna