Akar stands by Yavuz

Akar stands by Yavuz

“No one should test our strength. In Cyprus we did what we had to. If necessary, we will do it again »

“We will not accept any fait accompli in Cyprus or in the Aegean”

Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar remained for a fourth day in Cyprus and celebrated the religious day of Bayram alongside the Turkish officers. He himself visited Famagusta on Saturday, while on Sunday he visited by helicopter the Gemlik frigate, which is accompanying the drilling rig Yavuz, east of Karpasa, and has already commenced its drilling operation.

“No one should expect that Turkey, with its population of 82 million, and the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ will do nothing, when the others perform gas and oil drilling. That’s funny! It can’t happen. We will defend our law and the law of the Turkish-Cypriots. No one should test our strength”, Akar stated while speaking to the Turkish frigate crew, calling them “guards of the Blue Homeland”. Akar stressed that Turkey’s Blue Homeland covers an area of ​​462,000 square kilometers.

He said that “we will not allow any fait accompli, neither in Cyprus nor in the Eastern Mediterranean or the Aegean. We will not allow decisions to be taken against our rights. From the very beginning we have declared that there is no hope of survival for a decision we do not participate in. ”

Speaking strongly, Akar threatened with an intervention by Turkey, similar to the one in 1974“. As our President has stated, Turkey is a guarantor force. We will not allow our rights to be violated. We’ve done what we had to, and if necessary, we will do again” he added. /ibna