Akar in Famagusta: “Neighbors should collect their minds!”

Akar in Famagusta: “Neighbors should collect their minds!”

“The Turkish Armed Forces Must Remain in Cyprus”

“The new Greek government should take lessons from the past”

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar continues his visit to the Occupied Territories and today visited the Turkish military units located on the island, as well as Famagusta.

The Turkish minister was accompanied by the entire leadership of the Turkish Armed Forces. Akar said that “as long as we talk about peace they consider it a weakness when we say we will not allow any fait accompli they perceive it as a threat. That is why our neighbors need to collect their minds and see things objectively. To date we have exercised all our obligations as a guarantor force and will continue to do so. And to do so, the presence of the Turkish Armed Forces on the island is essential. Everyone should know this”.

Akar said that “our view, and our central point of view, is as it was 45 years ago. The new Greek government should be objective and take lessons from the past and try not to bring the issues to non-resolution, but to move forward with resolving issues”.

Addressing Turkish generals, the Turkish Defense Minister stressed that “Cyprus is our national issue. Everyone should know it and make no mistakes”.

We are in fact “in favor of good neighborhood in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus. First, our president and ourshelves speak frankly and with principles and we support what we say”, he said./ibna