Ahmeti and Thaçi express their concern to Foreign Minister Bumçi about the failure of FYROM to move forward with the Euro integration process

Ahmeti and Thaçi express their concern to Foreign Minister Bumçi about the failure of FYROM to move forward with the Euro integration process

Skopje, May 1, 2013-The Albanian Foreign Minister, Aldo Bumçi has met last evening in Tetovo the two leaders of the Albanian political parties in FYRO Macedonia.

Initially he met with the chairman of BDI, Ali Ahmeti and then with the head of PDSH, Menduh Thaçi.

The heads of the Albanian political parties have expressed their concern about the deadlock of the Euro integrating processes of FYRO Macedonia, due to the failure in the solution of the name dispute with Greece. Thaçi has stressed his concern about the blocking of the Euro Atlantic processes, by blaming the Government and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

The head of BDI, Ali Ahmeti has informed Minister Bumçi about the positioning of his party for the integration of the country in the Euro Atlantic structures and cooperation between the two countries.

“Albania is a friendly country and has constantly assisted FYRO Macedonia on important developing projects. Like minister Bumçi informed me, this support will further continue. He said that Albania wishes for FYROM to move forward in the NATO accession and both countries will work in different domains, in the political aspect and in the economic aspect”, said Ahmeti.

Minister Bumçi said that this is his first visit in Macedonia since his appointment as Albanian Foreign Minister.

“We have always supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of FYROM and I’m pleased that the Albanians here are a key factor to peace and stability. I expect the cooperation between our two countries to continue in economy, politics, culture and other fields”, said the Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aldo Bumçi, who was in an official visit to FYROM yesterday. Meanwhile, the head of PDSH has also praised the visit of the Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The head of PDSH, Menduh Thaçi has manifested after the meeting the positioning of his party in relation to the political developments in FYROM and the issues that concern the Albanian community.

“I shared with Minister Bumçi our discontent about the holding of the last local government elections in FYROM. In spite of this, we will continue to act politically and always support the process of the Euro Atlantic integration of Macedonia”, said Thaçi. Thaçi said that PDSH will continue to offer its political support for the acceleration of the Euro integrating processes.

At the end of his visit, minister Bumçi has also visited the office of the commune of Tetovo, where he has met with the newly elected mayor of this commune, Teuta Tarifi. A press release was issued after this meeting, underlining that the meeting focused on the cooperation between the two countries in different aspects with the scope of integrating and finalizing joint projects in infrastructure, economy and culture. The head of the Albanian diplomacy has also held a speech on the Euro integration of the region before students from the State University of Tetovo yesterday afternoon. /ibna/