Ahmet Davutoglu’s lost credibility

Ahmet Davutoglu’s lost credibility


By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

The name of the Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has been discussed intensely, within the AKP, as a possible successor to the position of prime minister if Erdogan switched to the presidency.

But Davutoglu’s prestige along with that of the turkish foreign policy have hit rock bottom.

Davutoglu was the one who supported the mission of the ship Mavi Marmara off the coast of Gaza that resulted in Israeli soldiers boarding it and killing 11 Turks. The Turkish minister had stated in 2010: “do not test our patience.”

A similar statement was made in the case of Syria in 2012 when a turkish RF-4 spy plane was shot down.

He had stated that “the occupation of Kirkuk by forces other than Iraq’s is our red line”. A few days later the city was occupied by Kurds and Ankara simply remained silent.

The last example is Davutoglu’s assurances that all appropriate measures had been taken to protect the consulate in Muslim. Twenty-four hours later the building was taken over by Islamists.

“He has ‘collapsed’ the Foreign Ministry. MIT has been exhausted from the “witch hunt” against journalists and entrepreneurs, who are considered Gulen’s friends. The army has no morale. With this situation they say we are the greatest power in the Middle East. No one will forget that you have put your signatures on the greater shame in foreign policy”, writes Ertugrul Ozkiok in Hürriyet.

This is the problem of Turkey. Erdogan took all powers in his hands and ignoring the diplomats and generals, along with Davutoglu and the Head of MIT, began to pursue a policy that often went against the traditional policy of Turkey.

Everyone is now wondering what will happen if he is elected president and assumes all powers of the state without being accountable to anyone.

The Kurds will determine Turkey’s future

Ultimately the future of Turkey and its future position will depend directly on the decisions taken by Erdogan for his political future, but also on the steps he will take on the Kurdish issue. If he manages to form an “alliance” with the Kurds he will be elected as president and will be able to counter any extremist threats such as ISIS.

But if he does not succeed then Turkey will be in immediate danger from the rapid developments in the Middle East. A country that Turkish political analysts believe that has neither a reliable intelligence nor effective Armed Forces, since most experienced officers are in jail and many of them are accused of being affiliated with Gulen’s order.