Agriculture is being promoted, says the prime minister of Albania

Agriculture is being promoted, says the prime minister of Albania

Tirana, July 21, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Prime minister of the country, Edi Rama has taken part in an activity taken place in Lushnja, where he said that for many years, corruption channels have been developed in the name of agriculture, while today, examples of success are the ones being promoted.

“For many years, there were abuses with the fuel schemel. Channels of corruption were developed in the name of agriculture. Today we’re opening a new page. Today we’re promoting examples of success to promote employment, production, export. The number of applications has been higher than ever before. This shows that farmers are ready for the challenge of the closed cycle”, said the prime minister.

As far as the EU membership candidate status is concerned, Rama declared that this is going to be an opportunity to absorb funds. “Our challenge is to make the farmer capable of applying. The Agency for the Development of Agriculture is the initial instrument. The contracts which are signed today, are the product of a historical process which starts in the rural areas”, declared Edi Rama.

Moreover, he added that it’s time to encourage agriculture with development programs and not invest on survival, but development. /ibna/