Aggravated criminal situation in Albania

Aggravated criminal situation in Albania

Tirana, April 23, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

Criminal episodes continue to be frequent in Albania, causing victims, wounded and injured.

Two murders have been registered in the recent hours, one in the south and one in the north of the country.

In Vlora, a 48 year old couple faced a terrible massacre in the early hours of the day, when a young man entered their home and stabbed them to death 40 times.

This episode claimed the life of the 48 year old, Agim Seraseli, while his wife, D. Seraseli is fighting death in hospital.

The suspect for the massacre is the 23 year old resident in Vlora, Mario Bejollari.

The author of the crime has entered in the home of the couple which lived with the children and has stabbed husband and wife who were unprotected.

Meanwhile in Shkoder, a 55 year old man was gunned down today. The victim is Kol Drini, resident in the village of Vukatana. The victim was gunned down in unclear circumstances, while the perpetrator left the crime scene.

Earlier today, another 41 year old man was stabbed. He was rushed to hospital and his situation is critical. The event has once again taken place in Vlora. The author of the crime is Gentian Seraj, a 30 year old local.

But, criminal events have also taken place in other regions of the country. The southeast of the country witnessed a domestic crime yesterday. In quarter no. 7 in Korca, the 49 year old Roland Ristollari has been attacked several times with a knife in the abdomen by his brother, Thoma Ristollari, 60 years of age.

The wives of the two brothers are believed to be the cause that led to this crime.

Meanwhile, road accidents aggravate the criminal situation in the country even more. At least 7 people have lost their life in different accidents since the beginning of this week and among them is also a mother with her 7 year old son, who were burned alive within their house in Elbasan. /ibna/