Adris Group’s Cromaris increases performance-exports

Adris Group’s Cromaris increases performance-exports

Croatian Cromaris, that belongs to the Adris Group, is among the top businesses in Croatia.

It specialises in the aquaculture sector -cultivation and processing of sea bream, sea bass, meagre and Adriatic oysters- and has been exporting to the European market for more than 35 years, as reported by HRT.

Its base is in Zadar and it has “seven fish farms in the northern and central parts of Croatia’s Adriatic coast.”

“Last year, Cromaris produced and sold 7334 tons of fish, which is up 6.5% from the previous year, according to the company which falls under the Adris Group. Cromaris has reported that it achieved growth in all key performance indicators and currently rank as the leading Croatian and eighth international producer of sea bream and sea bass.”

Its top quality products are delivered to the Italian and Slovenian markets within 24 hours of harvest, whereas other important markets have them within 48 hours. The company believes that part of its great success is the minimum of time spent between harvesting and delivering the goods to the consumers…/IBNA