Administration at the University of Pristina starts a strike

Administration at the University of Pristina starts a strike

Pristina, March 20, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

All the workers of the administration of the University of Pristina have entered the second day of strike today (20.03), by demanding a pay rise based on the coefficient that they have and the work that they do, compared to other branches of UP outside of Pristina.

Strikers are demanding their civil servant status to be resolved. They had not benefited from the last pay increase of 30% on the pretext that they do not belong to the civil service.

They say that their pay is not the equivalent of other civil servants. They have also made a comparison to the administration of Pec Public University “Haxhi Zeka”. According to them, the base salary for an administration employee at the University of Pec amounts to 400 Euros, while their base salary amounts to 220 Euros.

“There must be equal salaries between workers of the Central Administration of UP and workers of academic units of UP”, is the request of the strikers sent to the Steering Committee and Rector of UP.

The head of the Administration Union of the University of Pristina, Bardh Bardhi declared that the Union doesn’t back this strike and as a Union, it has not been informed about the reason of the strike.

Bardhi said that an anonymous letter has arrived demanding equal salaries of administration employees and other institutions.

Meanwhile, the boycott of the work of the administration has also caused problems for students of academic units.

General Secretary of UP, Esat Kelmendi says that he’s not aware of the boycott of work by the employees of the administration.

According to him, during the day, he had a meeting with the chairman of the Union Administration, with whom he has talked about the adjustment of salaries in this sector. /ibna/