Adetokumbo brothers dress up in army colours

Adetokumbo brothers dress up in army colours

Athens, July 14, 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Yannis and Thanasis Adetokumbo showed up at the armored training center in Avlona on Wednesday afternoon.

The two international athletes that play in the NBA had been summoned some time ago by the army and so they showed up in Avlona.

The 22-year old ace of the Milwaukee Bucks and his 24 year old brother will receive a deferment until next May, due to their sporting obligations, as is the case with most professional athletes.

However both normally showed up with their army bags and attire in case they spend the night at the barracks while they have also followed as normal what applies to all soldiers.

Today Thanasis and John will be presented in Athens Conscription in order to get the documentation for the postponement.

Note that the two athletes, who wore the Greek shirt in the recent Olympic Qualifying tournament, have chosen to serve in Signals, while their term is for three months, as they permanently live abroad.