Actor Orlando Bloom amidst refugees in Gevgelia

Actor Orlando Bloom amidst refugees in Gevgelia

Skopje, 30 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The ambassador of good will and actor Orlando Bloom is staying as of yesterday amidst the refugee camp in the region of Gevgelia in the south of the country. There, he has met with children in the refugee camp, hearing their stories and concerns, but also their hopes for a better future, the UNICEF office in Skopje announced today.

“These children have had a perilous journey and during this journey, they have gone through many sad things, bad weather and they have been without food and clothes. They have crossed many borders and risks. Although they have made it to here, they fear their future. We must support them and offer them safety”, Bloom declared.

UNICEF has reported that the scenes of chaos on the border still continue. Most of the refugees do not register in the accommodation center, but continue their journey in an illegal way. UNICEF has demanded for all refugees to register in this center in Gevgelia and receive the necessary services and food. /ibna/