New accusations about funds misuse by the government in Skopje

New accusations about funds misuse by the government in Skopje

Skopje, 18 August 2016 /Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The largest opposition party Macedonian Social Democratic League, has accused the government as supporter of organized theft and of leaving debts to the next generations.

The spokesman of this party , Petre Silegov warned that the next theft will take place in the tender of 250 million Euros of Ministry of Defense.

According to Sigelov “The Ministry of Defense is implementing a procedure for the purchase of armored vehicles, worth 250 million Euros and the payment must be effectuated from 2018 until 2026. As a consequence of wrong current policies, the government is short of funds and the payment obligation is passed to three next Macedonian governments. These tenders are organized while the soldiers’ conditions in the garrisons are miserable and the most basic items are missing, such as boots, blankets, proper accommodation and work tools.”

Therefore, MSDL demands the annulment of the aforementioned tender. In her defense, the Ministry of Defense claims the tender for the armored vehicles has started since October 2014.  “The opposition launches accusations against the army, in time when the country is facing the aftermath of floods in Skopje area.  The armored vehicles tender is in accordance with Armada needs and meets NATO standards.” /