About one in two Greeks owes money to the Tax Office

About one in two Greeks owes money to the Tax Office

The number of taxpayers who owe money to the tax office have reached 4.24 million, which means that almost one in two Greek taxpayers is included in those who have formed the EUR 105.4 billion overdue debt to the tax office last November. In fact, these figures relate to the period during which the deadline for the inclusion in the emergency 120-tranche repayment scheme was expiring.

However, a debt of just EUR 6.5 billion, or almost 6% of the Greek taxpayers’ total debt, had been included in some debt settlement scheme. As for the number of debtors whose limits on tax-paying ability were limited, it increased rather than decreased, despite the fact that inclusion in the 120-tranche repayment scheme was still possible.

Over EUR 105 billion

According to figures released today by the Independent Public Revenue Office (NDA) for November 2018, and without including the subcharges (these are estimated to amount to around €EUR 80 billion extra):

– The total overdue debt amounted to EUR 105,426,637,203.36 (down by 0.53% compared to October 2019)

– Uncollectible debts amounted to EUR 20,154,287,915.

– The adjustable amount was EUR 6,496,468,774.89.

– Balance suspended was EUR 1,077,328,179.

– The actual overdue balance was EUR 85,272,349,288.36.

– With respect to the number of debtors, this amounted to 4,239,724, recording an increase of 0.8% compared to October 2019. It should be noted that in the corresponding period of 2018 the total number of debtors was 4,200,472.

New debt

In the 11-month period January-November 2019, the new overdue debt, that is the one created in the last year, reached EUR 6,953 million, a significant decrease compared to the 11-month period of 2018, which was EUR 9,690 million (28.25% decrease). For November 2019, the new overdue debt amounted to EUR 737 million, while in the same period it reached EUR 857 million. That is, it recorded a fall of 14%).

The total “new overdue debt” added to the debt statements, excluding non-tax categories, amounted to EUR 6,467 million, while in the same period in 2018 it had reached EUR 7,938 million, having dropped by 18.5%.

Regarding the new arrears, and especially the revenue against new arrears for November (excluding non-tax categories), they reached EUR 336 million (compared to EUR 326 million in the corresponding period of 2018). Overall, with adjustments and seizures, AADE managed to collect a total of EUR 2,118 million in the state treasury./ibna