AAIW reminds the new government about the import of wastes

AAIW reminds the new government about the import of wastes

Tirana, July 12, 2013

Alliance Against the Import of Wastes has reminded the new government of keeping its promise of not allowing the import of wastes into Albania.

Representatives of AAIW declared today in a press conference that if the government doesn’t block the import of wastes, it will follow the path of referendum.

“The government should keep its promise in order to avoid the referendum which would bear a financial cost. We are sure that the import of wastes will take place in Albania”, said Lavdosh Ferruni, one of the activists of the Alliance.

According to AAIW, “the government should not approve any permits which would serve to the purpose of importing wastes, as it would go against the will of the electorate”.

“We call upon the new government to use the first parliamentary sessions in order to abolish the articles that allow the import of wastes. This way, this new governing majority will keep its electoral promise. If the new government doesn’t keep its word, we will go ahead with the referendum, which has been approved by the Constitutional Court and President Nishani has decided the date”, stressed representatives of AAIW.

AAIW also targeted the current government. “There have been indications that over 10 permits have been given for the import of plastic metal wastes. These permits have been given recently. Two recycling plants are located in Vore and Gjokaj and we are afraid that this could go ahead. This would be unacceptable and we believe that the level of abuse may be greater during this period than before. Upon the creation of the new government, we will have a new program”, said Ferruni. /ibna/