A2, A3, A4 highways, seaports closed due to snow and blizzard

A2, A3, A4 highways, seaports closed due to snow and blizzard

80 trains cancelled, Braila County – isolated

Code Orange alert lifted, snowfalls prevail in 11 counties

Update: The National Meteorology Administration (ANM) lifted the Code Orange alert for blizzard, but maintained the Code Yellow warning for snowfalls in 11 counties in southeastern country, as well as the Code Yellow alert for frost countrywide. The counties still under the snowfalls alert are Iaşi, Bacău, Vaslui, Vrancea, Galaţi, Buzău, Brăila, Tulcea, Ilfov, Călăraşi and Constanța.

The Infotrafic centre of the Romanian Police General Inspectorate informs that, due to the snow and blizzard, the A2 Bucharest – Constanta, A4 Ovidiu – Agigea and A3 Bucuresti – Ploiesti are closed.

Braila County (eastern Romania) was isolated Wednesday morning from the rest of the country. All national and county roads were closed due to blizzards and heavy snowfalls. The county is under Orange Code warning.

In Braila County closures affect DN 21 from Braila — to the limit of Buzau County; DN 21A from Baraganul to the limit of Ialomita County; DN 22 the Braila — Gradistea segment; DN 22B the Braila — Galati segment; DN 2B from the limit of Buzau County to Braila; the Braila — Sendreni segment (segment of European Road E87); DN 23 from Braila to the limit of Vrancea County, while Galati County reports DN 24D from Tulucesti to the limit of Vaslui County closed.

In regards to national roads, Constanta County sees closed national roads DN 22 — the Ovidiu — Mihai Viteazu segment; DN 3 — the Constanta — Ostrov segment; DN 3C — the Constanta — Ovidiu segment; DN 38 — the Agigea — Negru Voda segment (Border crossing point towards Bulgaria); DN 22C — the Constanta — Cernavoda segment; DN 2A — the Harsova — Ovidiu segment; DN 22A from Harsova to the county limit of Teleorman County; DN 39E the Constanta — Cumpana segment, Agerpres informs.

In Tulcea County closures affect DN 22 from Baia to the Constanta County limit; DN 22A from Topolog to the Constanta County limit; DN 22D the Macin — Horia segment; DN 22F the Izvoarele — Nalbant segment, while in Calarasi closures affect DN 3 from the Ilfov County limit to Chiciu; DN 3A from Lehliu Gara to the Ialomita County limit; DN 3B from Calarasi to the Ialomita County limit; DN 21 from Calarasi to the Ialomita County limit; DN 31 on the Oltenita — Cuza Voda segment; DN 4 from the Ilfov County limit to Oltenita; DN 41 from Oltenita to the Giurgiu County limit.

In Ialomita County, road traffic is stopped on DN 1D from the limit of Prahova County to Urziceni; DN 3A from the limit of Calarasi County to Fetesti; DN 3B from the limit of Calarasi County to Gura Ialomitei; DN 21 from the limit of Braila County to the limit of Calarasi County; DN 21A from the limit of Braila County to Tandarei; DN 2 from the limit of Ilfov County to the limit of Buzau County; DN 2A from Malu to the limit of Constanta County; DN 2C from Tovarasia to Slobozia.

In Buzau County road traffic is stopped on DN 2 from the limit of Ialomita County to Ramnicu Sarat; DN 2B from Buzau to the limit of Braila County; DN 2C the Costesti — Padina segment; DN 22 from Ramnicu Sarat to the limit of Braila County while Vrancea County reports closures on DN 23 from Nanesti to the limit of Braila County ; DN 23A from Gologanu to Ciorasti; DN 23B from Maicanesti to Ciorasti; DN 2N the Bogza — Dumbraveni segment.

In Ilfov County closures are reported on DN 2 on the DNCB to the Ialomita County limit; DN 3 on the DNCB to the Calarasi County limit; DN 4 on the DNCB to the Calarasi County limit; DN 5 on the DNCB to the Giurgiu County limit, while Giurgiu County DN 41 from Baneasa to the Calarasi County limit; and on DN 5 from Giurgiu to the limit of Ilfov County.

Seaports closed, Danube navigation suspended between Braila and Bazias. Negru Voda border point, closed

Due to inclement weather conditions, navigation on the Danube was suspended indeterminately between Braila and Bazias (km 175 to 1075). Furthermore, due to high winds, the ports of Constanta Nord, Constanta Sud — Agigea, Midia and Mangalia were closed, later all ports were closed.

The Negru Voda border point with Bulgaria has been close down, all vehicles being banned from crossing the border.

Railway authority (CFR Calatori) has cancelled 80 trains, most of them in the southern and eastern parts of the country. Trains travel at low speeds in the regions of Bucharest, Craiova, Galati, Constanta. On Tuesday only 44 trains were cancelled.

CFR Ploiesti has decided to stop selling tickets for Bucharest in the West Railway Station, rail traffic being practically suspended between Ploiesti and Bucharest. Travellers are advised to find alternative travel facilities.

In Gara de Nord (northern Railway Station) in Bucharest, the trains IR 1552 and 15060 from Ploiesti Sud, which should have arrived in the capital city at 7.55h and 8.02 respectively, had delays of more than 100 minutes.

Otopeni and Baneasa airports, operational. Tarom cancels several domestic flights

The National Company for Airports Bucharest (CNAB) informs in a release that Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport and Baneasa Airport (Aurel Vlaicu) are operational, air traffic is ongoing in winter conditions of wind gusts and snowfalls.

No flight was cancelled, landing and taking off are taking place in safety, the same source informs, although there were delays in taking off, due to the defrosting operations.

Tarom has cancelled flights 201/202 Bucharest-Chisinau-Bucharest, 603/604 Bucharest-Timisoara-Bucharest and 643/644 Bucharest-Cluj Napoca-Bucharest. The passengers will be embarked on the next flights to the same destinations, CNAB informs.

Bucharest subway, overcrowded

The recent snowfalls in Bucharest have also played havoc at the metro. Hundreds of Bucharesters queued at the tube stations on Wednesday morning while trying to avoid the rush hour traffic in winter conditions and the extreme cold (temperatures were reported to minus 10 Celsius degrees).

The photos captured by the Bucharesters travelling by subway and posted on social media today reveal the infernal jam in all tube stations in Bucharest.image-2016-10-19-21361918-70-aglomeratie-metrou-piata-victoriei

The Bucharest Inspectorate for Emergency Situations sent several intervention teams on site to prevent incidents.

Later on at noon Metrorex announced that the company’s operating the underground is working at full speed, with 62 trains on site for the rush hours (7:00 to 9:00hrs and 17:00 to 19:00hrs) on all tap lines. However, Metrorex informed that the access in the tube stations might be restricted to avoid jam up.

“Due to bad weather this period, Metrorex took actions to improve the public underground transportation. Over 100 employees have been conscripted to help remove the snow in front of the tube stations. Metrorex has also asked for the public order and safety authorities’ support in directing the passengers in the tube stations facing high traffic-Unirii and Victoriei squares (line 1 and 2),” reads a press release.

Metrorex also revealed that, in order to avoid jam, access on stations might be restricted./IBNA

Source: romaniajournal.ro