A very well done business: Croatia collects more than 3 tonnes of waste cooking oil 

A very well done business: Croatia collects more than 3 tonnes of waste cooking oil 

Croatian INA is a medium-sized European oil company with a leading role in Croatian oil business. INA Group is comprised of several companies completely or partially owned by INA, d.d.

A year ago, as a result of its socially responsible profile, it launched an environmentally friendly pilot project “within which it is possible to dispose of used cooking oil at 30 retail locations” tha company says.

Croatian households seem to have embraced the idea and with the public’s help, INA has managed to collect over 3 million tonnes of waste cooking oil at its filling stations in the first year of the innovative “green” service launch.

INA relevant, recent press release reads that “Under the project, the collected waste cooking oil is recycled rather than poured down the drains and into the environment.”

The largest quantities of waste cooking oil were handed over to INA by residents of Zagreb’s Trešnjevka quarter, over 340 kg, followed by Varaždin, 330 kg, and Čakovec and Zagreb’s area of Maksimir, with 290 kg each, says Balkan Green Energy News.

People of Kutina, Koprivnica, and of Zagreb’s Vrapče and Dugave areas have also proved their eco awareness, “offering” more than 200 kg of waste cooking oil to INA.

Vesna Kučan Polak, the manager of the pilot project said:

“We thank our loyal buyers and other citizens for recognizing this new service offered by INA. Waste cooking oil is a raw material that does not belong in drains. The company is currently reviewing options to offer this service in other parts of Croatia as well and has proposed the project for funding under the EU’s LIFE program for environmental protection projects.”….. / IBNA