A season of harvesting

A season of harvesting

This article has been written for Albanian Free Press newspaper and www.afp.al

By Frrok Çupi

Governments harvest the fruits of their labor at any time and this is what makes the harvesting season exist at any season.

The Albanian government and the governments around us are harvesting the fruits of their actions.

The government is now paying for the poverty in the country:

People knew that they would not become rich, but they didn’t know that they would reach the brink of extreme poverty. Thousands of Albanian households were removed from the social allowance scheme and now, they are not able to feed themselves and all this because the government has nothing in the Treasury.

The government is paying for its arrogant behavior:

So far, the government used to be “entertained” by the fact that the government mocked everyone that came in its way; but now, people are no longer accepting this.

The season of cultivation and trafficking of cannabis is nearing the end. This government will either convince the world that people and dogs need to be given drugs, or they need to hide somewhere to escape the crimes that they have committed.

People think that the right moment has come to put an end to the theft of national assets, but I don’t believe this yet.

The trendiness of the government with white sport shoes and red socks has come to an end. German chancellor Angela Merkel, the one who used to take so much pleasure when she saw our government’s “trendy style” told Die Welt yesterday that Germany is “very unhappy” with the government of Albania.
The government, which assumed office six months ago, is paying for interfering in the domestic affairs of the neighboring country, Kosovo. Without having any rights to do so, the government of Tirana played the paternal role toward the new state, until it decided to divide its lands with Serbia. At the end of the season of his personal projects for expansion, the Prime Minister unveiled his plan “to annul the state of Kosovo” and appoint a common president for the two countries, a president which would surely be appointed by him.

All Balkan countries are “paying” for this political season that just ended.

Kosovo is “paying” for the failed project to hide the crimes committed by its leaders, by repealing the Special Court, set up through the incentive of the Western allies. To get rid of the court once and for all, they have committed other sins: They have taken Kosovo’s map, placed in front of them and sharpened their knives: “We take Presevo from Serbia and offer Serbia Northern Mitrovica”, considering this as “an exchange of territories”. What sort of exchange is this when you exchange your lands with your lands?

Almost the same is happening with other neighboring countries too.

Macedonia removed all road signs, square and airport signs where “Alexander the Great” was written. During the whole time, it had been boasting with the name “Macedonia” and “our son, Alexander”. Greece is on the verge of conflict with Turkey due to the border lines. Yesterday, several Turkish military planes followed the helicopter of the Greek minister throughout the islands. Opposition in Greece is demanding explanations from the government as to why it did “the secret deal” for the sea with Albania. Turkey is expecting to announce “Ottomania” in the Balkans, causing conflicts with the US, Syria, Kurdistan and Turkish citizens who do not obey their President. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania, people are thinking of “potential conflicts” regarding a “surrendering to Russia” or “China”.

Governments have disrupted balances in order to cover the truth and the discontent of the people against the government officials: Instead of thinking of peace, let them think of conflict; instead of thinking of wellbeing, let them think of territory exchanges; instead of setting their minds on world political axes, let them think that tomorrow, Ukraine, the Gaza Strip or Aleppo may awaken.

The Balkan governments have become more autocratic than ever. The Balkan autocrats may “conquer the world now”, besides appropriating lands, states and becoming lords of their citizens. The “season” of autocracy is also harvesting the product of the communist totalitarian system, which was present for almost half a century.

This is happening with the Albanian government and the neighbors. Their “season” has reached a point where it needs to close. Allies have made it clear that “this is it”. The United States said “no” to the exchange of territories; yesterday, the USA expressed its “disappointment” about the Albanian PM. The European Union said that it will not allow “good neighboring relations” to be ruined. They didn’t even allow the Special Court to be dissolved.

Then, this is the end of the government’s “season”, if we judge it by the obvious truths. The leaders of the region thought that they could do whatever they wanted; they could steal, divide lands and behave brutally. As George Savile, First Marquis of Halifax,the 16th century English state man, writer and politician wrote: “Men cannot be hanged just because they steal horses, but because horses cannot be stolen”.

Note: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Albanian Free Press’ editorial policy