A parking lot and a prison at the tunnel’s entry

A parking lot and a prison at the tunnel’s entry

This article has been written for Albanian Free Press newspaper and www.albanianfreepress.al

By Frrok Çupi

A parking lot and a prison in the mountains of Kalimash, where man has built a 6 km long tunnel and where thousands of cars a day cross it.

The parking lot should be built. It should even be the biggest parking lot of the Nation, as it was the Nation’s Road, the biggest road segment in the history of the nation. Now, we should have the “Nation’s Parking Lot”. Those who come from Kukes, Prizren, Djakovica, Pec, Kosovo and even those who come from Miredita, Shkodra, Tirana, Vlora… will need a place to stay. At least, this should be guaranteed by the two states belonging to a single nation. There at the tunnel’s entry, those who come from Tirana and Vlora and those who travel toward Djakovica and Pristina, will need to spend several nights awaiting to cross the tunnel. The government of Albania has passed a law to apply 5, 10 and 15 euro toll charges for motor vehicles crossing the tunnel. It doesn’t matter whether someone is going to a wedding or a funeral, whether he’s going to hospital or going to meet a friend. He will need to pay the charge.

They will reach the tunnel’s entry, but they have no euros to cross it. Then, they will remain under the sky of the nation. They are thousands of them. Today’s parking lot should become a hundred times bigger. The parking lot will make the construction of the prison a necessity. And this will be called the “Nation’s Prison” in the “Nation’s Road”. Everyone that will “park” in the tunnel, will be considered as government enemy or enemy of both governments. Then, wardens will fill the prison…

The link between the tunnel, parking and the prison in the Nation’s road is this simple.

When prisons were created, 1750 years before Christ, they were created where the “law of revenge” was applied. Very few things have changed since then in regards to prisons. The renowned Greek philosopher, Plato, changed the definition of the prison from an “avenging punishment” to “reformation of inmates”.

All of those who stay under the sky of the Nation (they stay there because they have no 10, 20 or 30 euros to go on the other side of the tunnel), will all be “criminals” tomorrow morning. Everyone will have insulted the government and according to the spies that have been infiltrated, everyone will have a plan for “revenge”. The people who will “park” there for nights in a row at the tunnel’s entry, will belong to families with 5 members who live on 2 USD or 1.8 euros a day. This means that someone who will cross the tunnel, will need to leave his family members at least 5 days without bread or water. Thus, it’s inevitable for this person to end up in the Nation’s Prison. No average family in Albania spends more than 10-15 euros a day. Then, how many days will the family need to have zero expenses in order for one family member to pay the toll charge at the tunnel’s entry? All dilemmas create enemies for the government and the governments.

There’s a very strange connotation between the “Nation’s Road”, “Nation’s Tunnel” and “Nation’s Prison”. All of them have the word “nation” in them, but apart from the Nation’s Road, the two others have been created in hostility with the nation. Albania and Kosovo have long heard from their communist governments that they “work for the nation”, “on behalf of the nation”, etc. In our case, if such high taxes are applied, the Nation’s Road will become an enemy of the people.

The government has found the best way to do this. However powerful people may be in front of the government, they cannot go anywhere: The tunnel’s entry is too small for all the people and the wardens will not allow them to go in. They cannot cross through the mountain, because they will die from the cold or be eaten by beasts. This is the only state in the world which doesn’t allow the freedom of movement for its citizens. This is the only state that blocks its people, does not build a secondary road, but it obliges you to pay more than a household consumes in five days.

Connotation is the weirdest thing in this case. Auschwitz, one of the most magic cities of the south of Poland, near Cracow, turned into one of the scariest ghosts for mankind. There, the Nazis built the most notorious camps for the extermination of humankind in World War II and now, “Auschwitz” represents only hate. I don’t want to see the day when Nation’s Road turns into our biggest enemy.

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