A Kosovo-Serbia agreement would increase investments

A Kosovo-Serbia agreement would increase investments

Reaching a peaceful agreement between Kosovo and Serbia would boost economic investment in both countries. This is stated in a study by the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce.

The chairman of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Berat Rukiqi, during the presentation of the study said that the companies believe that a normalization agreement with Serbia would be followed by positive steps for the country.

He said that 41 percent of Kosovo entrepreneurs believe that reaching an agreement with Serbia would boost Kosovo’s exports.

According to him, over 63 percent estimate that reaching an agreement would also increase foreign direct investment in Kosovo.

Based on the survey that targeted local companies, it turns out that 75 percent of businesses think that Serbia has harmed the development of Kosovo businesses.

As the main barriers, the respondents have listed the loss of markets, unfair competition, damage to Kosovo’s image.

The current political situation according to businesses has also had a great impact on the economic stagnation that Kosovo faces.

Kosovo is currently awaiting the certification of the results of the October 6 snap parliamentary elections to establish a new government that will face pressure to resume talks with Serbia, which have been suspended for a year now./ibna