A Greek researcher and the new generation of drones

A Greek researcher and the new generation of drones

The use of drones has changed the way of thinking around security, photography and many other industries.

But, according to Panos Artemiadis, director of the Human-Oriented Robotics and Control (HORC) Lab at the Arizona State University, nothing will be compared to what comes in the future.

Panos Artemiadis predicts that the upcoming technology that will link the human brain to computers will bring a revolution, as it will change our relationship with drones, which means we can control the memory of the Single unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs) and simultaneously do things that would be impossible to do with a simple drone.

According to the researcher, these new drones could be used in search and rescue missions,while they could identify necessary irrigation adjustments and scanners that can identify crop infections or infestations. Moreover, specially designed drones could also be used by the fire brigade for firefighting. To conclude, Artemiadis suggests that this drone technology could increase security, as the user will be able to cover a larger range of visual surveillance.

These type of drones are expected to be released for use in the next three to five years…/IBNA