INTERVIEW/Bumçi: Protest, we welcome Meta of SMI and Idrizi of PJIU

INTERVIEW/Bumçi: Protest, we welcome Meta of SMI and Idrizi of PJIU

INTERVIEW/DP lawmaker, several times cabinet minister, Aldo Bumçi: Up until yesterday we were in parliament, but nothing has been solved

The political situation in Alba nia seems tense. The vetting process has started, but at a time when this pro cess has made its first steps forward, the DP has taken another step: to protest indefinitely with the aim of creating an interim government until the June 18 elections. Rapporteur on Albania, Fleckenstein declared: “I am in favor of the protest, but against parliamentary boycott”. What’s more, he also retorted with former PM Berisha by saying: “I would ask Mr. Berishha not to tell us these stories, because I have heard the same stories in Macedonia too. Mr. Berisha is not a weak person”. Thus, indirectly, the international community, is against the protest for an interim government and the parliamentary boycott of the opposition, while democrats and Bumçi have a different opinion.

Now that the DP has entered the sixth day of protests, will this protest continue and how long will it last?

The protest that we have started has no turning back. This is a protest that aims at creating an interim government until the 18 June elections. We are determined for this protest, because we know what to say to the Albanian people. First of all, Albanian people want law and order and not cannabis. Albania is filled with cannabis from south to north, and in these circumstances, we see that many criminal groups are flourishing. The people know that this government is corrupt and that it cannot guarantee free and fair elections. This was proven by the partial local government elections in two municipalities. I have said it before and I would like to say it now: the country is filled with areas of cannabis. Under these circumstances, there cannot be a quiet and good electoral campaign. I have always said it that Rama doesn’t want to hold free elections, because this is stated in the 2015 OSCE/ODIHR report, which was more negative than the 2001 report. Thus, if in these four years of governing, Rama had manifested his will for decriminalization, if he had fought cannabis, we would have an entirely different situation, an acceptable situation for free elections. But Edi Rama doesn’t want to do this and protest is our only alternative. Thus, our protest is more than logical, more than fair and every day, more and more people are supporting it. You can see that the number of protesters from all four corners of Albania is growing. In other words, we want the 18 June elections to be organized by an interim government, as the people of this country can never be governed by a government relying on drug plantations.

Today, in a press conference, rapporteur on Albania, FlecKenstein said: I am in favor of the protest, but against parliamentary boycott. What is your opinion on this?

I can say that up until yesterday, we were in parliament. There, we have debated, but our arguments have not been heard. It’s been four years that we speak in parliament, but what we have asked has not been put in practice. Our protest is democratic, quiet and its aim is to deliver our demands, which we could not have them fulfilled in parliament. This is the reason of our protest.

Among others, Fleckenstein declared in the press conference that: “I respect Berisha a lot, more than you can imagine, but I would ask him not to tell these stories on Soros, as I have heard these stories in Macedonia too. Mr. Berisha is not a weak person”. How do you comment this declaration?

This question relates to Berisha. This is not the first time that Berisha has raised this issue. He relies on facts and documents and he has offered his own response. From what I know, Berisha has reacted after Fleckenstein’s declaration by saying that “my declarations on Soros and his gang, as a major threat for Albanian democracy, are not just assumptions. They are based on authentic documents issued by those who want to believe the truth”. I cannot say anything more than this.

In the framework of this protest, are you ready to collaborate with SMI?

We have come out here for a big cause. We’re open for anyone who wants to head to elections with an interim government. This is the objective of our protest. Therefore, we are ready to collaborate with Idrizi’s party, with SMI and also other parties that share the same cause. We’re open to collaborate on everything that serves our goal. But, I think that this is not our request alone; this is what the majority of Albanian people want.