The 81% of the Greek people supports the government

The 81% of the Greek people supports the government

Athens, February 23, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The popularity of Alexis Tsipras has increased to 87%, while 86% of the respondents in a poll of Public Issue feel national pride.

64% of people agree with the direction of the country and 20% consider it wrong, while 69% of the respondents gives a positive evaluation to the government.

What the figures show in the nationwide poll by Public Issue for the newspaper “Avgi”, is a broader political change.

The poll was conducted from 12 to 17 February during which time the positive impression for the government reaches 81%, while for the opposition the figure is just 16%. Negative opinion of the government, according to the figures, has only 11% while for the opposition it reaches 74%.

Moreover, the approval of the government’s handling reaches 80% versus 13%, which is the percentage of those who disagree.

More specifically, according to the poll:

-86% of the respondents feel national pride and only 13% do not feel pride.

-At 87%, increased by 42 percentage points, is the popularity of Alexis Tsipras, who is considered suitable for Prime Minister by 73%

-At 24%, decreased by 19 units, is the popularity of Antonis Samaras, who is considered to be suitable for Prime Minister by just 12%.

-At 74% the negative opinions about the president of the New Democracy.

-Tthe popularity of Panos Kammenos has risen to at 57%, while stable at 42% is the popularity Stavros Theodorakis. At 39%, elevated eight units is the popularity Dimitris Koutsoubas. Great fall recorded the popularity of Evangelos Venizelos which is at 17% from 28%.

– High is the popularity of Yannis Varoufakis with 75% and 24% negative opinions.

– 64% consider correct the direction of the country and 20% wrong.

– 49% believes that things will get better and 15% that they will get worse.

-Only 13% fears their financial situation would worsen.

– A positive mark to the government gives 69% of the respondents.

-At 83% the rejection of the Memorandum, while only 6% is in favor of its implememntation.