Over 700 thousand Kosovars have abandoned the country

Over 700 thousand Kosovars have abandoned the country

Pristina, April 25, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Different figures have been given in the last decade for the number of Kosovars that have left the country. The figures start from 300 thousand, continue with 500 thousand and end with 700 thousand Kosovars who are thought to live abroad.

When Kosovo registered its population 2011, the Diaspora was not included. In fact, they were counted, but in the official figures, they do not appear as a population which resides in Kosovo. Thus, at that time, the country resulted to have only 1.7 million people.

Three years later, the Agency of Statistics of Kosovo (ASK) for the first time issued the Report “Kosovar Migration”, which offers data on migration.

The report offers data extracted from the 2011 registration of the population and other sources for international and national migration (emigration-immigration).

Data on international migration in this report mainly belong to the migration period from 1969 until April 2011.

Residential population of Kosovo, the emigrating one and the one with Kosovar origins is 2,483,999. The population resident in Kosovo is 1,780,021, emigrating population outside Kosovo is 550,000, the population of Kosovar origins (born outside of Kosovo) is 153,978, while the number of the Kosovar population which has emigrated and that with Kosovar origins is 703,978. The country where Kosovars have emigrated the most is Germany with 35.25%, followed by Switzerland with 22.94%.

The head of ASK, Isa Krasniqi says that the Report on Migration contains the demographic aspect and the social economic aspect of migration. Therefore, for researchers, institutions and different organizations, data on international migration offer an important source to evaluate the trends of migration in the reproduction, gender and age aspect.

Reasons for migration

Exclusively, the motive for emigration is the economic situation in the Kosovar families and this can be deteriorated if economic growth and the creation of new jobs are not improved in a substantial way.

These are the opinions of different non government organizations in Kosovo. The head of the International Forum for Human Rights Office, Idriz Sinani told IBNA that there must be adequate measures in order to prevent the emigration of the citizens of Kosovo.

“Some of the main problems that population of Kosovo faces is unemployment and poverty. In conditions of a high unemployment, the people, young people have a tendency to leave the country in order to seek employment there and then to help the family or emigrate as a family”, says Sinani.

The Council for the Protection of Human Rights and Liberties in Pristina says that: “The deterioration of the economic and social situation is a key factor which has an impact on the number of people who try to go to other countries. They often face life dangers, like it happened in the recent case in the border between Hungary and Serbia”.

According to this organization, Kosovo has many problems that have accumulated due to a bad management and it believes that these problems are not likely to be solved soon.

On the other hand, institutions of Kosovo have constantly stressed that they will create the necessary infrastructure for the citizens of Kosovo in order for them not to emigrate in the different western countries in search of a good life.

They have promised that they will create better conditions in order for emigration to be a thing of the past. But so far, there are no results in this direction.

Emigration from Kosovo has started at the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. /ibna/