70 Albanians repatriated from France and England

70 Albanians repatriated from France and England

Tirana, April 30, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

While Albanians continue to regularly depart to EU countries in search of a better life, 70 deported Albanians from the EU were repatriated today.

All 70 Albanians arrived with two charter flights from Great Britain and France.

State police said that these 70 Albanian citizens have been repatriated because they have violated the rules of the Shenghen Area and have entered and illegally stayed in Great Britain.

This operation of repatriation was made possible by the British Home Office in cooperation with France.

On the board of the two planes which carried the repatriated citizens, were also doctors and psychiatrists.

15 of the citizens were deported from France, while 55 others from Great Britain.

All the citizens who were repatriated today are not allowed entry in the Shenghen space and Great Britain for a period of five years.

IBNA brings you photos from the arrival of Albanians who were rejected in the EU. /ibna/


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