61 refugees in the Transit Center of Tabanoc do not want to stay there

61 refugees in the Transit Center of Tabanoc do not want to stay there

Skopje, 14 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

61 refugees from Syria and Iraq have been stuck for more than 8 months in the Transit Center for refugees in Tabanoc on the border between FYROM and Serbia.

These refugees do not want to receive the refugee status in FYROM, but they want to continue their journey to EU countries. However, because the borders have been closed, they have been stuck in this refugee center near the border with Serbia.

“We don’t want to stay here, because we’re surrounded by barbed wire. We want to leave and go to Germany”, says Hadet Rahav.

An improvised school for children has also opened in this school by the SOS village for children and UNICEF.

Aleksandar Krstevski, representative of SOS village, says that they have enabled a learning program for 30 refugee children, but also learning programs for adults. According to him, this is a rich and practical program in several languages.

“In cooperation with UNICEF, SOS village has prepared a learning program in their mother tongue, Arabic, Macedonian, Mathematics, IT and natural sciences and upon the request of the refugees, we will also have subjects in German”, Krstevski.

The coordinator of the Transit Center, Goran Stojanovski says that all the necessary conditions have been offered for these refugees ahead of winter. He also says that this camp is able to cope with a large number of refugees.

In yesterday’s session, parliament of FYROM approved the extension of the refugee state of emergency until 30.06.2017, which means that borders will continue to remain closed. Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski said that regional cooperation is being respected and that the country needs EU support to cope with the refugee crisis from Middle East.

“It is a known fact that we have declared a state of emergency in the southern and northern border and that the Balkan route toward the West is closed and out of use”, said minister Spasovski.

According to him, refugees continue to cross the border illegally on a daily basis. /balkaneu.com/