Train fares for refugees in FYROM go up

Train fares for refugees in FYROM go up

Skopje, 14 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Railway company “Transport” in FYR Macedonia, has increased ticket prices for refugees.

Refugees traveling from Gevgelija to the railway station of Tabanovc on the border with Serbia, will go up from 10 euros to 25 euros.

The price increase comes at a time when railway workers had started a strike last week due to low salaries, delays in their payments and bad working conditions.

The railway company says that the increase of the ticket prices is being done as a result of the increase of expenses and amortization of trains.

But, unofficial sources say that this company has earned 1 million euros in one month alone through the transport of refugees.

Different humanitarian associations have criticized this decision, considering it as inhuman. Some religious associations have warned action against this measure.

Thousand of Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi refugees and refugees from other countries use the Gevgelija railway station in the south of the country to travel toward the northern Serb border. /ibna/