500 Turks join fight against Assad

500 Turks join fight against Assad


By Manolis Kostidis – Istanbul

New details are revealed by the day on the issue of Turkey’s involvement in the Syrian war.

Turkish citizens are fighting against Assad and are participating in the “holy war” (jihad) that extremist Islamic organizations have declared. This is revealed by Turkish Secret Service reports that mention there are 500 Turks amongst thousands of people fighting the armed forces of the Assad administration. Reportedly 1.200 small and large organizations are currently operating in Syria fighting a guerilla war against Assad.

Turkish newspaper Taraf reveals dozens of armed Turks are in Syria and are being paid to protect wealthy businessmen. The fear of abduction or assassination leads Syrian entrepreneurs to pay as much as USD 1.500 per head for protection.

According to top secret reports, many members of the total 1.200 extremist organizations operating in Syria are seeking to play an important role in the event of an overthrow of the Assad regime. Many of these organizations are funded by Arab countries or other European states.

The Turkish paper says the fear of extremists coming to power in the event of an Assad overturn is probably the main reason a military intervention in Syria was called off. Nobody wants to see Islamist terrorists coming to power in such an important Middle East state.