445 thousand people threatened by poverty in FYROM

445 thousand people threatened by poverty in FYROM

Figures on poverty in FYROM are worrying. According to the Authority of Statistics, over 445 thousand people in the country can barely make their ends meet, as they have to live on 100 euros a month.

Besides jobless people and seasonal workers, poverty is also increasing among people who have a regular job.

In the category of households, the poorest ones are households with 3 to 4 children.

Experts on social issues say that the government needs to draft a strategy to crack down on poverty.

“There must be a proper national strategy which will handle this issue. There’s a need for other social measures, such as financial support and subsidies for educational and healthcare expenses. People are facing a social threat and associations that champion their rights must raise their voice against injustices”, says Ivana Milevski, a social worker.

The ministry of Social Issues says that poverty is a very serious problem. Deputy minister Elmi Aziri says that the new government is taking measures to improve this situation, planning on increasing social aid and offer other concessions for poor families.

“We’re engaged on looking into all mistakes that have been made with their entitlements. We have information how a person has abused with these entitlements. We need to improve things and see if there’s a need to increase the budget for this category of people”, deputy minister Aziri said.

FYROM is one of the countries with the highest level of poverty in Western Balkans. In the 2016 report, the World Bank pointed out that one third of the population in the country lives in moderate poverty, while 30,7% of the population live on less than 5 USD a day. /balkaneu.com/