35 multimillionnaires in FYR Macedonia

35 multimillionnaires in FYR Macedonia

Skopje, June 17, 2013

FYR Macedonia has 35 multimillionnaires whose wealth amounts to 4 billion USD.

This has been concluded by the annual report of World Ultra Wealth Report 2012-2013, which publishes the number of multimillionnaires.

Part of this group are people whose wealth amounts to more than 30 million USD.

Croatia is a leader in the region with the highest number of multimillionnaires, amounting to 260 people. Serbia has 90 multimillionnaires, Montenegro has 21 and Bosnia and Herzegovina has 85 multimillionnaires.

The largest number of multimillionaires in Europe is in Germany with 15.770 multimillionnaires. /ibna/