300 days in power, PM Rama: We’re not happy with the President and the Supreme Council of Justice

300 days in power, PM Rama: We’re not happy with the President and the Supreme Council of Justice

IBNA Special Report

Tirana, July 14, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

The members of the cabinet led by prime minister Edi Rama have started to report today about the first 300 days of the government.

This activity was opened by deputy prime minister, Niko Peleshi who said that work has been done to fulfill the reforms promised during the June 23 elections. He also said that the government cabinet is even more convinced about the work that it has to do.

“EU countries have more faith on Albania. Albania today is an EU candidate member country. A lot of work was needed for this. The government action expanded on several fields and several ministries played a key role in meeting the priorities”, said Peleshi.

In his speech, prime minister Edi Rama thanked the ministers and said that nothing could have been achieved without their contribution.

He said that the scope of the report was not to parade the successes that have been achieved, but added that the government has justified the first reason why Albanians voted it, to be free people in their country and that nobody should feel discriminated because of his convictions, religion, etc.

The head of the government said that thanks to the work of the government, entrepreneurs no longer feel difficulties, media are no longer threatened and citizens feel like European citizens.

“The relations with the opposition have been restored and this, thanks to the work of the speaker of parliament, where the opposition is given more time to talk than the last opposition. In the public communications, the government talks about the problems of the citizens and doesn’t attack the opposition. We have built a new ethical relation with independent institutions. We’re not happy with the president, but we have not given to Albanians an old example of unethical relations. We’re not happy with the General Attorney, but we have not chosen to discriminate this institution. We are hopeful on its role for the development of the justice system. We’re not happy about the way that Supreme Council of Justice is functioning, but we cannot lower ourselves to what this institution offers”, said Rama.

Rama declared that Albania is a country where it’s easier to think differently, adding that the EU membership candidate status could not have been granted before.

Minister of Integration, Klajda Gjosha and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, talked about the process of integration and diplomacy.

On his part, Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri declared that the new government has guaranteed more safety and order for the citizens.

He said that the State Police was reborn, the number of murders and accidents has gone down and law and order has been restored in Lazarat.

He said that the fight against corruption cases is 40% higher, but above all, the wall of impunity has been demolished, thus offering an example about the fight against the corruption of senior officials.

On his speech, Minister of Justice, Nasip Naco said that a new page is being opened in the rule of law and justice.

“We vowed that we would show our solidarity with the weak, we offered more access in the justice system with reduced tariffs and every citizen today pays 37-40% less than yesterday. We carried out the digitalization of systems. We have enriched the audio electronic system and digital systems in courts and we will modernize the judicial system. We have indicted 20 judges and this is more than in the past 8 years”, declared Naco.

He added that fight against corruption will start from the judicial system. /ibna/