Over 20 points in favor of ‘NO’ in the referendum

Over 20 points in favor of ‘NO’ in the referendum

Athens, July 5, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The percentage of “no” in the referendum of July 5, 2015 is expected to reach 61%, maybe more, according to the official estimate of the outcome by Singular Logic, which was announced at 20:35, with 20% of the ballots accounted for.

The percentage of “no” came as a surprise to many, while once again the pollsters fell out in their forecasts. As the private television channels announced with the closure of the polls at 19:00, the pollsters were giving a 3-4 points difference between YES and NO.

Already the result, which reinforces the Greek Prime Minister, has caused reactions, with the first being the meeting Hollande-Merkel before the Eurogroup, but also the Eurogroup that was announced shortly after the first results.

According to Star television, there were reactions from the side of the German Ministry of Finance, where circles have suggested that the German Finance Minister will propose to start the proceedings to declare Greece in bankruptcy.