BiH Presidency Members continue their visit to Turkey

BiH Presidency Members continue their visit to Turkey

BiH Presidency members Šefik Džaferović and Željko Komšić met in Istanbul with representatives of Turkey’s Foreign Cooperation Committee (DEIK).

The meeting was organized by the Turkish-Bosnian Business Council and was attended by numerous businesspersons.

“Today, we held a meeting in Istanbul with prominent businessmen. The topic was increasing the number of productive investments from Turkey to BiH. We talked about improving the business environment when it comes to Turkish investors. In this regard, we heard a number of important lessons we could apply to other institutions in BiH, and we invited Turkish businesspersons to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The door will be wide open for them,” Džaferović said after the meeting.

A press release from Džaferović’s cabinet states that during yesterday’s visit to Ankara, a Memorandum was signed between the Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investments in BiH and the Investment Office of the Turkish Presidency.

“Today’s meeting is an additional impetus for strengthening economic cooperation. Bosnia and Herzegovina retains exceptional friendly relations with Turkey and our goal is to intensify them in parallel with cooperation at the political level in the business field. We want to make full use of the space opened by the Agreement on free trade, which gives us the most favourable status of all countries. Our goal is to raise trade to a billion dollars a year,” Džaferović concluded.

On the first day of their visit to Turkey on Wednesday, the tripartite BiH Presidency met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who promised to donate 30,000 Covid-19 vaccines to BiH.

BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik said it was a successful meeting and proof of the traditionally good relations between the two countries.

He stressed that the pandemic had halted contacts and prevented them from being more intense, assessing however that now is the right time to keep going, as cooperation will be accelerated by the three agreements signed today.

“BiH has great expectations regarding the support for the construction of the Sarajevo-Belgrade motorway, and all those who had doubts about this project can now rest assured that it will be implemented, it is necessary that we all make efforts to succeed in it,” Dodik underlined.

He added that without the will of President Erdogan, the implementation of this project might have been stopped, saying he was convinced his initiative and support have been decisive in this matter.

Dodik added that Turkey and BiH have no open issues and thanked Turkey for the 30,000 vaccines which, despite its own battle against the pandemic, donated to BiH in a gesture of solidarity, after the latter failed to provide vaccines for its population through global collective procurement systems.

“In addition to these problems, it turned out that we have friends and Turkey, along with Serbia and Slovenia, are the largest vaccine donors for BiH. Erdogan’s concern for everything and everyone is the best example of how we should behave in BiH, trying to build a tolerant society,” said Dodik.

He announced that a trilateral meeting had been agreed between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Turkey, although he believed Russia should join as well, as that this would contribute to further stabilizing relations. /ibna