With 153 votes in favour passed the additional prerequisite measures

With 153 votes in favour passed the additional prerequisite measures

Athens, November 20, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

With two losses for the ruling coalition was completed the plenary vote of the House for additional prerequisites measures that will pave the way for the disbursement of 2 plus 10 billion euro.

The vote took place in the shadow of Sakellaridis’ resignation, in the negative vote of Nikos Nikolopoulos, as well as the conscious abstinence from Stathis Panagoulis.

Immediately after the completion of voting was announced the expulsion of both from the parliamentary groups of the ANEL and SYRIZA respectively.

Now the parliamentary power of the government counts 153 MPs.

The votes of the MPs of the parties

SYRIZA: Yes to all

ND: No to all

Golden Dawn: No to all

KKE: No to all

PASOK: Not to all except for Articles 1 and 18

The River: Not to all except for Articles 1, 11, 16

ANEL: Yes to all

Centre Union: No to All

The atmosphere in the government camp had became even more intense, due to reactions for the excise duty on wine, and was examining the possibility to reduce the amount of tax lower than 40 cents.

Finally, the deputy minister of finance Trifon Alexiadis announced ameliorative arrangement, whereby the tax on wines of domestic consumption is halved (either Greek or foreign) from what was provided for in the initial provision.