127 MPs signed for a referendum on ‘Small PPC’

127 MPs signed for a referendum on ‘Small PPC’


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

A major policy issue is expected to result from the referendum proposals for small PPC, as “Democratic Left” (DIMAR) accepts the summation of its proposal with that of Golden Dawn’s (GD) resulting in a total of 127 signatures gathered by the MPs. In DIMAR they say they disagree with the political positions of GD, but agree on the summation of the proposals.

So far seven motions for a referendum have been filed, with those of SYRIZA, Golden Dawn, independent MPs, Independent Greeks, DIMAR, and the MP Byron Polidoras being similar and therefore can be counted together. The proposal that is different from the other opposition parties is that of the Greek Communist Party (KKE).

The final decision will be taken during the Conference of Presidents that takes place now and if the signatures of the MPs are summed, as Evangelos Meimarakis had said, the government will accept a lot of pressure to open the Parliament and convene the Plenary.

For the referendum proposal the signatures of 120 MPs are required, but to actually decide on it, the signatures of 180 MPs are needed, something that is unlikely to happen, so there is practically no chance of a referendum.

The government observes and waits for the decision of the Conference of the Presidents of Parliament to decide on its next move. However, Maximos Palace had strongly stated that the proposals of parties cannot be added together, while there was a strong dissatisfaction with the position of Evangelos Meimarakis. Indeed, the government spokesperson, Ms Voultepsi, reiterated once again today that the Parliament will not be opened during the summer.