Ivanov: Amnesty is a blackmail for votes for the Prespes Agreement

Ivanov: Amnesty is a blackmail for votes for the Prespes Agreement

President of the fYROMacedonia Gjorge Ivanov in his last annual address in his mandate again strongly criticizes the Prespes Agreement that it will put an end to the country “as we know it”. He repeated his stance that the Agreement violates internal law and it was drafted without national consensus.

When you are ready to resolve an issue at any price, then the price you pay is the highest. The price for resolving the macedonian question in this manner is a legal and historical deletion of macedonian people, because without the Macedonian people, macedonian identity and macedonian language, there will no longer be a macedonian question. In other words, the question of identity will be resolved through its deletion”, said Ivanov.

The new amnesty law he considers as a blackmail for the MP-s convicted for their involvement in the attack of the Parliament on April 27 2017 to be freed and to vote for Constitutional changes. But Ivanov signed this new law.

If you passed the Law on Amnesty for the sake of the MPs and in order to pass the constitutional amendments, I signed it in order to unveil your true goals and intentions – that this is not an amnesty for reconciliation, but an amnesty for blackmail”, said Ivanov.

It is clear that president Ivanov will not sign new amendments of the Constitution for changing the name of the country to Republic of Northern Macedonia, which are expected to be voted on January 15. But the speaker of the Parliament Talat Dzaferi said that he will use his position to sign and only with his signature to enter this law on force. But the Constitution will be changed only if Prespa Agreement will pass in Greek Parliament./IBNA