10th Congress of New Democracy starts on Friday with casualties

10th Congress of New Democracy starts on Friday with casualties

Athens, April 21, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The dissolution of ONNED by New Democracy president Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the resignation of the secretary of the party Andreas Papamimikos and the writing off of the president of ONNED Vasilis Georgiadis, followed another resignation for the main opposition.

The chairman of the Central Election Committee (KEFEA) of the Congress Filippos Tavris, submitted his resignation to K. Mitsotakis on Tuesday evening, denouncing anti-statutes procedures and fraud in the Congress’ composition, referring to the “arbitrary participation of an additional 803 participants”.

“The inability for the effective intervention of KEFEA throughout the process of intraparty elections and therefore the safeguard of the results, together with the insistence on the arbitrary and anti-statutes opinion for the participation of 803 additional participants in the upcoming conference, led me to resign from the post of president of the said organ of KEFI of intraparty election. My history in ND does not allow me to serve as alibi of certain anti-statute and unethical actions”, Tavris stresses.

On Friday starts the 10th Congress of New Democracy

The program, innovations and the results of the public consultation for the statutes of ND presented yesterday the MP Miltiades Varvitisotis, in view of the main opposition party congress.

Titled “We bring order in our house, to bring order to Greece”, in New Democracy they say that the party president Kyriakos Mitsotakis makes good on his commitment to build New Democracy from the beginning, noting that the statutes is a ” fresh, timely product of consultation with citizens”.

According to Varvitsiotis, for two months the opinion of party members was asked, on how the party should function.

Varvitsiotis stated that on Friday starts a Congress of dialogue with society, where for the first time representatives of institutions, young entrepreneurs scientific bodies, people of society, even to non-delegates are given the opportunity to be heard, while party members have the right to table amendments, additions on the statute. In Parallel, the secretariats of the party will be able to present their work and action, while for the first time the number of elected and ex officio members of the congress is the same.

In the congress will be held speeches from dozens of people, in addition to those who belong to the party, who are scientists, young entrepreneurs, academics, social organisations, MEPs and members of Parliaments of other countries, while according to the president of the Organizing Committee, the whole ‘production’ of the conference has been done with very little cost and with the party’s own means, and mainly thanks to the help of volunteers.