100 days of the government in office, negative and positive aspects

100 days of the government in office, negative and positive aspects

IBNA Special Report

Skopje, September 29, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The government in FYR Macedonia has completed 100 days in office. While coalition parties VMRO-DPMNE and BDI (Democratic Union for Integration) say that they have achieved positive results and delivered their promises, while opposition and political analysts think the opposite.

In a public appearance, prime minister Nikola Gruevski said that in 100 days, the government managed to deliver 116 projects, while 554 other projects are under way. He said that economic development and process of European and Atlantic integration are its priorities.

“We’re doing major works for the country at this period when the region is still suffering the economic crisis. We’re engaged for economic development, to attract new investments and other positive developments”, declared Gruevski.

Gruevski also talked about the political crisis in the country, adding that he’s ready to continue the talks with the opposition.

“Opposition must accept the will of the citizens and not ignore it”, said Gruevski, ruling out the possibility of new elections.

The Albanian party of the coalition, BDI, has said that it has met some of the promises articulated in front of the Albanian voters.

“I’d like to say that Eighth Corridor, linking Kercova to Ohrid, where we have started the works, is a very important project. Then, we have other parts of infrastructure such as the water supply system in Likova and Tetovo. We have also funded and realized projects in the domain of culture, education and other infrastructure projects”, said the deputy prime minister for European integration, Fatmir Besimi.

But, Macedonian opposition has launched criticism against the current government. Spokesman of LSDM (Macedonian Social Democratic League), Petre Silegov told IBNA that prime minister Gruevski must be held accountable before the citizens for the constant damages caused to the country.

“The achievements for the first 100 days of the government are as believable as the news for a visit by aliens in the country. The prime minister didn’t mention the fact that the state has a record debt of 4,2 billion Euros. The prime minister must be held accountable about the fact that he’s destroying the economy of the country, by impoverishing people and by enriching people close to him”, said the spokesman of the largest opposition party.

Negative assessments have also been issued by analysts and experts of economic and political affairs. Abdilmenaf Bexheti, economy expert, told IBNA that the government has failed in the aspect of domestic policies and foreign ones in relation to European integration of the country and a failure in the economic plan.

“In the political aspect, today we have a tensioned cross ethnic situation and great international isolation. As far as failure in the European integration is concerned, after every new failure, Gruevski promotes new investments from Turkey and China. As soon as the Welsh summit failed and as soon as the support of the Balkan Summit led by German chancellor Merkel ended, prime minister Gruevski came back with promises that Turkish and Chinese companies are ready to invest, in order to veer off the attention”, said Bexheti.

Citizens say that they’re disappointed by the current government, which, in order to veer off attention from current problems, it’s conducting a dynamic campaign, by reflecting a new reality which shows that everything is going well in the country.

Biljana M, a student, told IBNA that the government has met no obligations that that the truth is that the population is living in poverty and barely making ends meet. “The reality is different, because, we, as citizens, face an economic crisis and cannot afford the increase in the cost of living with these low salaries. Another problem consists on the isolation of the country and the issue of the name dispute is being delayed, something which has isolated us. We hope to see changes in the near future”, says Biljana.

In spite of these critics, every government minister is expected to make a public appearance this week and declare their results for the first 100 days of the government in office. /ibna/