10 years from the tragic death of president Trajkovski, enquiries continue

10 years from the tragic death of president Trajkovski, enquiries continue

Skopje, February 26, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina commemorate today (26.02) the 10th anniversary of the former president Boris Trajkovski. He lost his life in the morning of February 26, 2004 in an air tragedy in Rotmile, near Mostar in Bosnia.

This morning, a high Macedonian government delegation led by president George Ivanov arrived in Rotmile today where it laid wreaths in commemoration of the late president and the crew that died.

Meanwhile, last night (25.02) a commemorating academy took place last evening in Skopje in commemoration of president Trajkovski.

“It’s been 10 years since the day when Macedonia and the world lost an important political personality, who cared about his people and other people. A personality who contributed for the success of the country and who committed for a better world”, said the speaker of parliament, Trajko Veljanovski.

President Boris Trajkovski lost his life on February 26, 2004 in a tragic air accident near Mostar. This accident also claimed the life of his collaborators in the presidential cabinet and the crew of government aircraft “Kinger”.

Trajkovski was travelling to Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in the international conference for investments which was taking place in Mostar.

Suspicions were launched over the tragedy, while the preliminary inquiries concluded that the cause for the tragedy related to bad maneuvering of the crew near the airport of Mostar, when the weather conditions were bad.

But now, new suspicions have been launched and a new inquiry may be started. Trajkovski was elected as president in 1999, as a member of VMRO-DPMNE which was in power at that time. But in 2002, after the 2001 conflict, this party lost the elections and went to opposition. Meanwhile, Trajkovski was in his last year in office and was expected to run for a second term.

Final inquiry to be made public in March or April

Last year, a second inquiry was launched about the tragedy and the results of this inquiry will be published in the Month of March or April.

Omer Kulic is the chief investigator of the international inquiry group, who said that this inquiry will resolve once and for all the tragedy of president Trajkovski.

“Inquiries will come to an end and this case will be solved. There will be no more dilemmas about this case”, says Kulic, who is head of the Aviation Commission at the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to him, the investigation file will be initially be delivered to the general prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina and then to authorities in Skopje, which will offer their evaluations over the investigation. These inquiries were launched for a second time upon the request of Skopje’s authorities.

Kulic says that he cannot say if the investigations have launched suspicions over an attempt carried out on Trajkovski’s life.

The lawyer claims that it was an attempt

Ignjat Pancevski, Macedonian lawyer of a part of the victims who were part of the crew of the president, claims that this was an attempt.

He says that new evidence has come to light, proving that the case of the late president was not an accident.

“Trajkovski was victim of an attempt. At the scene of the tragedy, I found a watch which had stopped in a different time of the day than the one claimed. My evidence proves that this is a case of attempt”, said Panxevski.

He says that he also has a video which shows how a military plan launches a rocket to the wing of the official plan of president Trajkovski and after this attack, the plan goes down, but doesn’t explode. “Within a short period of time, military helicopters come and work on the plane and within a short period of time, the plane is covered in flames”, said the defending attorney.

Macedonian authorities have not commented the claims made by this lawyer, who has handed his evidence to the international inquiry committee. /ibna/