10 thousand soldiers, what about the others?

10 thousand soldiers, what about the others?

This article has been written for Albanian Free Press newspaper and www.afp.al

By Frrok Çupi

Why are they 10 and not 11 thousand soldiers, or even 21 thousand? The Socialist Party in power today has declared that the number of soldiers is “600 thousand” soldiers and sometimes even more than three million, the same as the population of Albania. Those who are in power treat people as if they were their “soldiers” or “flies”, with which they can do whatever they want. But this insanity has remained from the communist dictatorship period.

We’re talking about the “soldiers” of political parties who are closely linked to the benefits, offices, sins, the vote and the fight of one political party or another. For instance, in the previous elections, the Democratic Party has lost “200 thousand soldiers”, however, it still has a lot remaining.

But why did I mention the figure “10 thousand” soldiers?!

An essay by Franz Kafka, the writer and unique philosopher, who called party’s soldiers harmful “idiots”, came into my mind. These days, soldiers “entered” the castles, because these days, we have had scandals involving leaders:

The castle of the DP’s soldiers:

As soon as the leader of DP, Basha, was caught by the US media, in lowly affairs involving lobbies and money transfers, at that moment, “soldiers” launched their call: “Everyone in the castle to defend the chairman”. Chairman Basha said considered the fact that “opponents attacked the chairman” as totalitarianism”. (North Korea’s leader Kim is the only leader of the present day which would be a real “sin” to be attacked). He is followed by others within the castle of the Democratic Party. One of the MP attacked the American magazine “Mother Jones”, calling it “Mother Neta”. With this, the democrat soldier would kill two enemies: The US media which has attacked his chairman and also the chairman of the opposing side, the SP-Edi Rama whose mother’s name is “Neta”. The fight to defend the leader is cruel-this is the horror found in societies where the political class does dirty things.
Political society doesn’t generate any ideas, projects, work, future, but it only produces soldiers who protect their leaders. Society is eating itself.

The castle of the SP’s soldiers:

These ones are paid well, this is why they don’t care a lot about the war. The Socialist Party’s whip, a young man who has come from Librazhd, considers his bravery in protecting the leader as the biggest asset of his life. In order to protect their leader, they have attacked the democrat leader by pressing charges against him for “financial fraud” and “treason against the nation”, by collaborating with the Russians to sell out the country’s interests.

Besides the scenes with castles:

The issue becomes more serious and not like it happens with the made up war with soldiers belonging to political parties. The thing is that the “soldiers” who may remain in the battlefield “for the leaders”, in fact, they ruin the people and not the enemy.


 The war between the two sides is civil war:

This time, the “civil war” takes place in silence and without shedding blood. No people will be killed, but democracy is being killed and also the right to have a normal governance. They are killing the right of the people to enjoy the fruits of their contribution, instead of having them stolen by leaders. The first time we had civil war was when the communist regime entered in the most barbaric of ways. I can only bring to your attention the image of the battle which saw the fall of the “Heroes of Vig”. All five young men who were deceived by the regime, fought on behalf of the communist leader against their own villages in Miredita. All five of them fell “happy”, because they defended the Party. But, the Party was never able to protect them, even after death. It did not make them “heroes”, because the law did not allow for them to be made “heroes” of the civil war. They only remained “heroes”.

Neither the DP’s soldiers, nor the SP’s soldiers, who are giving their lives today about their leaders, will not be venerated by the leader or the Party.


The war between soldiers is covering graves:

Today’s worst graves are crime, corruption and bad governance. Albanians remained the poorest people of the continent, at least for another decade. Everyone knows that poverty is caused by the thefts committed by leaders. Nonetheless, the leaders’ soldiers applaud. The Prime Minister who is committing crimes is as much of a big sinner as the DP’s leader who wants to become Prime Minister. The fight of the armies against each other is not a fight against one another, it is not a “liberation” war, but a war to make us forget about thefts and state crimes.

How come none of these soldiers can open his eyes and say: “My chairman is as incriminated as the other one in front of him… I shall fight against my chairman!”? In fact, there have been cases when this has happened during this “democratic” period. But where are the “heroes” who denounced the leader?

However, the end was not a happy one for them. Some people called this “idiotic”, like Franz Kafka used to called it, but it is not that easy…

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