Can there be 10 massive graves in Mitrovica?

Can there be 10 massive graves in Mitrovica?

Pristina, April 9, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The city of Mitrovica has tens of undug locations which are strongly suspected to contain massive graves. The head of the Regional Center of the Council for the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms in Mitrovica, Halit Barani says that these are areas where it is thought that the bodies of Albanians killed in the last war in Kosovo by Serb forces have been buried.

Barani says that there have never been excavations in these areas.

“Mitrovica has tens of undug locations which are suspected of having massive graves. They are located in several sites on both sides of the city and there have been no excavations in any of these sites”, says Barani.

Speaking on the excavations taking place in Rashka, Serbia, Barani says that he has information for another three areas which are suspected of having massive graves, but they are not in Rashka, they’re located nearby.

“One of them is suspected of containing 250 corpses, another one 18 and a third one 25”, says Barani stressing that the center that he leads has strong proofs on this.

Halit Barani criticizes the institutions of Kosovo in relation to what he considers to be a poor effort in finding the bodies of Albanians buried in massive graves in Serbia.

“I’m not happy, because so far, institutions of Kosovo have done nothing in this aspect. These institutions have never heard anything about this issue and have not put pressure on the international community”, says Barani.

City of Mitrovica registers 112 people missing in the war. Initially, there have been 279 people who went missing from this city, but the bodies of 167 people have been found in different massive graves. /ibna/