Only 1% of the citizens in FYROM do the AIDS test

Only 1% of the citizens in FYROM do the AIDS test

Skopje, October 2, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

In FYROM, only 1% of the population does the AIDS test. There are several centers which offer the test, but also, two mobile laboratories which offer these tests at any time.

The head of the association which supports people with AIDS, Andrej Senih, appealed for the citizens of the country to become more aware and do this test.

“Every test means safety for every citizen, in order for him to know how his health is and to avoid risks of being infected from contagious viruses such as AIDS. We urge them not to hesitate”, said Senih.

According to him, health institutions offer contemporary therapy against this virus, but for infected victims too. The association also calls on medical centers to be transparent and serve the citizens infected by this virus. The number of people infected by HIV is growing and in the past three weeks, five new cases have been registered.

According to the Contagious Diseases Hospital, in 2013, over 200 cases of people infected with AIDS were registered, while this disease is constantly spreading. /ibna/